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Question by: Bonzai  03/12/2013 07:21:37 
Question: Hi there We have a Toyota Hilux Monster Racer. We are having a problem with the diff slipping alot. We cannot find new parts for it. What can we do to modify and stiffen the slipping and still have the diff use? We wont want to lock the diff, but if we need to we will do that in the end. Thanks

The wise one answers:

Sorry buy this has bugged me for years and i have not found a solution. The key seems to be the right lube though. Also, i have tried using longer clamp bolts with nuts on to get a better clamp but with limited success. Really the main issue is that the diff is too small. My Monster Racer went best with a locked diff but once it was in mud and could find some grip it destroyed the other parts in the gearbox.
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