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Question by: Danny Owens  31/01/2014 20:52:04 
Question: Hello again! I've installed a 14 tooth Robinson Racing steel pinion in my vintage Fox runner but though it appears to mesh correctly it feels a little lumpy and sounds a bit loud/notchy. Everyone seems to suggest these pinions will prolong the life of the gearbox but i am thinking this is going to chew my gears up! I researched and got them in the correct pitch (32dp if i recall correctly). I've checked the spacing plate is in the correct position but it just doesn't seem/sound right...... Any Skidmeister words of wisdom for me? Cheers!

The wise one answers:

Sometimes the steel gears do this. Run it a few times and see how you go. Try slackening the screws, move the motor round a bit and tighten them back up?
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