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Question by: Danny Owens  03/02/2014 21:14:30 
Question: Skid sir! Did you or your army of fans know that the Tamiya Technigold motor appears to be on sale, new again?!!! I know you don't like re-releases but come on, parts for your vintage Technigold's has gotta be good news right?!! It's being sold as the (Mabuchi) MFA RX - 15...........21 turn, dual ball bearings, adjustable timing, gold motor case, internally and externally appears to be identical (just no longer has a Tamiya sticker on it) They are on evilbay now for a good price! I have one on order and will happily report findings once I've compared it comprehensively against my vintage Technigold Just think - you could get brand new armatures for your old Vintage classic Technigolds (and nobody need ever know!!)

The wise one answers:

Sounds fangtastic news! PLEASE do us a report and we'll do an article on it ;-)
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