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Question by: Richard  05/06/2014 15:44:41 
Question: I've just laid my hands on a Wiggy after having lusted after one since I was just 10 years old, and a rather wealthy American neighbour used to run one up and down our road when I was a wee boy! However, whilst she's complete, she's not running perfectly - 1st issue is the steering, which I've narrowed down the steering arms "sticking" on the rubber boots - do you find this also? Even some liberal treatment of GT-85 improves it, but doesn't cure it - and the boots still "pop" as they eventually release their grip on the arms as you steer from lock to lock whilst holding it in the air - it ruins running it for the time being until I've cured this. 2nd issue is throttling. She runs forward on her technigold beautifully, but only for about 15-20 seconds before she just stops. You have to gently tap the reverse for second before it "frees it up" and she'll throttle forward again (until she cuts again). It's not desperate, but is annoying. I'd upgraded the MSC to an LRP Runner, and figured that this ESC might just be struggling with the power of the motor? However, I've now swapped and tried two different (identical) ESC's with the same result. I am now wondering if it's the motor itself as having some sort of minor fault, or requiring some sort of cleaning to explain why this would happen? I've not experienced this fault on my 959 which also runs a Technigold (but does still run the original MSC)! So, I'm scratching my head a little to iron out these niggles and have running at full pelt again!

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Good score my friend. I hope you enjoy it :-)
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