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Question by: Carl  11/07/2014 11:07:31 
Question: Hi Professor,wondering if you could help. I have an old tamiya 6v 400mah battery that goes in the old tamiya hilux and an old acoms 6v 2.4 va charger.what i would like to know is how long do you charge the battery for? I dont want to use it but would like to know how long it should of been charged for.

The wise one answers:

It depends on the charge rate and how much charge the battery has in it. If you have a look at your charger it will normally give you a mAh charge rate, divide that into the capacity and there you go. E.g. a 4000mAh battery would take 1 hour at a 4 AMP charge rate. Most fast chargers would deliver that, the old Acoms mains slow chargers are a lot lower rate
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