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XXX Vol 2 (Banbury)
Volume 2 of our "Directors Cut" movies made from footage of our (not so) r/c related activities away in Banbury, Oxfordshire (May 05). Warning: Contains footage that most viewers will find disturbing!
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By beefmuffin 09/01/2013 03:53:09
ahh brilliant! the ending at least. the pyrotechnics weren't captured in all their glory by the camera or sound setup...
By zambo*76 17/08/2007 20:09:47
you are a crazy lot keep up the good stink 4rm zambo*76
By crash cramer 03/08/2007 01:47:32
It is obvious how you were able to afford all those 3 speeds, you ate beans for years.
By Brat Attacks 09/12/2006 01:14:01
Now that's what l call Parp Scorchers. Parp! Parp!
By Skrangle 02/12/2006 23:59:53
By pikachoo75 26/11/2006 17:57:53
at last a group who celebrate the art of the fart.tho it was so extreme i can still smell/taste cabbage.
By tamiyahotpot 26/11/2006 01:58:14
jesus! all them tamiya's will need repainting! :o0
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