58011 - Ferrari 312T3
Tamiya Paint Where Used
 TS8 Italian Red Body incl. mirrors
 XF1 Flat Black Helmet opening surround and lower line, steering wheel, driver base
 X1 Black Helmet
 X2 White Helmet (Carlos Reuteman), fuel tank area behind driver's head
 X3 Royal Blue Helmet (Gilles Villeneuve)
 X4 Blue Helmet (Carlos Reuteman)
 X7 Red Helmet (Gilles Villeneuve)
 XF7 Flat Red Body
 XF2 Flat White Balaclava
 XF15 Flat Flesh Face
 X10 Gun Metal Air in- and outlets, rearmost part of body
 XF59 Desert Yellow Rearmost part of body



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