58036 - Audi Quattro Rally

Please note:
The decal images are provided for visual reference only and are not available in larger image sizes for printing.

Tamiya Paint Where Used
 PS1 White Body
 XF1 Flat Black Helmet opening surround and lower line, driver base, and steering wheel
 X2 White Helmet, front bumper
 X9 Brown Mix with X1 for rear part of helmet, combines with sticker B22 to create the Audi Sport colours
 X1 Black Mix X9 for rear part of helmet
 X6 Orange Indicators front and rear
 X7 Red Taillights and reflectors in rear bumper
 X11 Chrome Silver Reversing lights, headlights and spotlight covers. Safety belt buckles (not shown in manual)
 X18 Semi Gloss Black Grilles and air inlets front and rear, spotlight pods. Safety belts (not shown in manual)
 PC5 Black Door handles and window surrounds (not shown in manual, box art)
 XF2 Flat White Driver's body and balaclava (not shown in manual, only on box art)
 XF3 Flat Yellow Driver's gloves (box art, not shown in manual)



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