58009 - Toyota Celica LB Turbo
Tamiya Paint Where Used
 TS15 Blue Body
 TS8 Italian Red Body (alternative box art)
 XF1 Flat Black Grille, taillight cluster, air intake mesh, mirrors, wiper
 X11 Chrome Silver Rear wing attachments, B-pillar on glass, steering wheel, driver base, safety belts
 X4 Blue Headlight surrounds
 XF8 Flat Blue Body of driver
 X18 Semi Gloss Black Steering wheel spokes
 X6 Orange Rear indicators (outer cluster)
 X7 Red Taillights (two inner clusters)
 XF2 Flat White Balaclava (box art, not shown in manual)
 XF15 Flat Flesh Face (box art, not shown in manual)



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