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Question by: Natalie  14/12/2014 21:31:36 
Question: I've just got my 25 year old Mud Blaster down from the attic - and despite bing well loved, it still works. Is there anything I should grease or give some TLC before playing with it too much? The rubber boots covering the rear axels are a bit perished. Should I replace them and does the gearbox need any work or is it fine because it's a sealed unit?

The wise one answers:

Good one! The rubber parts always suffer to be honest especially the tyres normally. Don't worry too much about the drive shaft covers. Unless you run in a lot of mud and dirt these driveshafts should be ok without covers. A little new grease in these won't harm, if you want new covers you can get new ones easily enough thanks to the Frog re-release. If the gearbox feels free to turn then it's probably fine. I would expect it to be as it's sealed so just have some fun and enjoy your discovery!
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